Level III CT3

Equipped with patented technology, the CT3 was designed with the intent of achieving a master grip before drawing the weapon. Combined with the autolocking ejection port lock and the intuitive self-activated hood system makes this one of the fastest level III holsters available on the market today. The Comp-Tac® CT3 was made in partnership with law enforcement professionals, giving those who are out protecting our streets every day and night a substantial option for duty carry. Available for fits with or without light attachments and optics. Offered in many colors including Basket Weave and High Gloss.

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Competition Holsters

Everyday Carry Holsters

QD Holster

The QD is a combination holster that allows for a safe and secure fit of multiple firearms. The QD Holster is ambidextrous and concealable with IWB and OWB wear, all in one holster!

Infidel™ Ultra Max Holster

This inside the waistband holster has proven to be an elite option for concealed carry. Building upon the already comfortable Infidel™ Holster, the Ultra Max adds top grain, cow hide leather backing. This material provides a carry without discomfort for the user.

eV2™ Max Holster

The eV2™ Max builds upon the already concealable eV2™ Holster and adds an elite two-ply leather backing to maximize comofrt. Additionally, the eV2™ Max has interchangeable Kydex® shells for the gun owners with multiple options.

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